3 Ways To Improve Engagement Apart From Using Automatic Likes;

News 10:03 March 2019:

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Have you explored other ways to better your engagement with your followers apart from automatic likes on Twitter? Different mechanism work best for everyone hence don’t feel bad when the one you thought was best doesn’t work for you. You will be wasting time if you are not engaging the relevant people you want to reach. Below are basic ways to improve your engagements;

Use of short tweets; always tweet with characters of about 110 characters rather than the maximum 140 given. This gives room for retweeting and adding of comments from the people you are communicating with. Communication will proceed without them editing your message to fit in theirs.

Asking for retweets; asking your followers to retweet your tweet works out in most instances with your followers. This brings them into the conversation, and there is that personal touch. However don’t fill up all your tweets with the retweet message because it is annoying.

Using hashtags; similar to automatic likes, hashtags double your rate of engagement. The visibility on Twitter is increased because they are classified in trends. The higher the activity, the more top the trending. Use a single hashtag if you want to be effective or if you must use more, only two are recommended. Channel your efforts to cashing on from the higher trending you achieving.